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Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc. is a world leader in edible coatings and specialty ingredients for the pharmaceutical, confectionery, industrial, food, cosmetic and agricultural industries.  

Our coatings continue to be recognized for meeting the industry's highest standards for quality, performance, consistency and functionality.  We have made a long term commitment to superior research and development, quality control and good manufacturing practices.

Pharmaceutical & Supplement Coatings

Mantrose-Haeuser offers an extensive range of pharmaceutical glazes, tablet coatings and several other excipients. Our products are used for film coating, core sealing, immediate release, modified release, as well as enteric applications.

Confectionery Coatings

Our confectionery glazes and polishes provide brilliant gloss, scuff resistance, anti-sticking and functional barrier properties.

Industrial Products

Mantrose-Haeuser's industrial line of products deliver important functional benefits for lighting cements, grinding wheel coatings, sizing for hats, adhesives, printing inks, wood finishes, paints and high performance barrier coatings for compostable and recyclable foodservice packaging.

Bakery & Food Products

We provide natural edible coatings for various food applications, including: baked goods, fried foods, savory meat glazes, chocolate enrobed bars and biscuits, edible inks, seeds, nuts and snack food products.

Cosmetic & Personal Care Products

Our cosmetic and personal care product lines impart exceptional film forming, thickening, stabilization and other desirable characteristics for mascaras, lotions, nail polish, hair sprays, shampoos and sunscreen spray.

Fresh-Cut Produce Products

NatureSealNatureSeal® is a blend of vitamins and minerals that extend the shelf-life of fresh-cut fruit and vegetables.  For more information, please visit:  www.natureseal.com

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